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The Girlfriend Experience

This isn't to say, of course, that I don't like to mix and match! Incorporating a little bit of sensual kink into a vanilla-centred encounter is one of my favourite things to do - it's a sign that our chemistry is right, and that we aren't afraid to do what comes naturally to us. Playfulness and provocation aren't at odds with affection and closeness: in fact, they compliment each other perfectly!

I fuse fantasy and reality, fiction and truth. The experience I yearn for - and provide - is one in which we both give in entirely to our desires, and one in which we aren't afraid to be our true selves. I value time spent in laughter and time spent in deep stimulating conversation, time spent kissing, touching and stroking, and time spent in uninhibited passion.

So, ask yourself - do you make enough space for such experiences in your life? If not, you should really take a leaf out of my book - and maybe I can help you do so.

There are very few luxuries in life which come close to spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed with a lover - and I'm lucky enough to live a lifestyle in which any day can be that lazy Sunday, if I so wish...

Especially in a place like London - a (nonetheless beautiful) city of often overwhelming hustle and bustle, of constant commotion, of almost total anonymity - I make sure to prioritise taking the time for myself, and for closeness and intimacy. 

I'm not one for clinical, matter-of-fact encounters - I'm one for raw passion and sleepy eroticism. I'm one for revitalising conversations over delicious meals and good cocktails, and for getting to know my partner's mind just as well as I get to know their body. I adore and crave intimacy, and think that there is no greater pleasure than can be found in the lust that exists between two people with genuine chemistry. 'Vanilla' sex has a bad rep: but I believe that building an authentic, meaningful connection is one of the most exciting things that two people can do together.

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