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Come on in...

Hello, I'm Verity:  

London's premiere redheaded companion and authentic submissive, with all the allure of an uncorrupted girl-next-door but quite the adventurous streak should you be lucky enough to get me behind closed doors! I'm an attentive conversationalist in the streets; playful and deviant in the sheets...

Credentials: Verity, At a Glance



Clothing size

Bra size


Shoe Size







UK 10-12



UK 6



long, thick red/copper

bisexual, with an incredible weakness for beautiful women

Mischievous and enchanting, I like to think I'm the perfect combination of naughty and nice. Although I've always been told that I'm wise beyond my years, I possess a youthful exuberance and often find myself yearning for adventure - perhaps you could be the one to indulge my cravings? 

I have a figure reminiscent of the classic pin-up images of the 1950s, with a tiny waist accentuating my gentle but generous curves. My hair is a deep autumnal copper, my eyes a deep blue, and skin porcelain and always soft to the touch: perhaps I'm your perfect English rose? I'm often told that I possess a real natural beauty, which I like to showcase rather than conceal. I stand at a height of 5'6" without heels, and speak with a faint lilt, betraying my Northern origins.

I can be incredibly refined, yet endearingly graceless - often simultaneously! A guilty lover of all things pretentious and unrepentant lover of all things crude and sleazy, I walk the line between elegance and free-spiritedness. I'm an appreciator of good (dark) rum, semi-illicit smut, arthouse cinema, trashy television, social theory, fine wine, and cheap rosé. But don't be fooled: I might be easy to please in some respects, but I'm very hard to please in others.


Balance is important in all areas of life, and the bedroom is no different: I equally adore the sensually intimate and the deeply perverse, and combining the two is my specialty.


I have a true zeal for pleasure, and I never settle for mundanity. Don't be fooled by my outward virtue: my inner debauchee is just dying to come out and play. 

I'm a warm, passionate lover and an insatiable slut, a lover of affection and intimacy and an unapologetic harlot. I'm interested only in an authentic expression of pleasure, for myself and my partner - one which allows us to discover previously unexplored realms of indulgence and deviance. Whether that involves me being bound and at one's mercy, or deep in a more 'vanilla' kind of passion, remains to be determined...

So... have I piqued your interest? Feel free to explore my website further - after all, you deserve a treat.

Body type



Tattoos & Piercings

a classic pin-up hourglass figure, with a generous, round, spankable bottom and a minuscule waist

university educated (at a Russell Group university), lifelong A-grade student

a natural look with very little make-up - I'm a classic beauty with porcelain skin

None (except for ear piercings) - I'm very much a blank canvas

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