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Love in the time of Covid-19

Welcome to this distinctly unsexy and lengthy (yet vitally topical) part of my site!


As I'm now back to taking bookings after many months in lockdown, I wanted to put a little something together to give you all an insight into my post-COVID (or, more accurately, peri-COVID) stratagem - and the steps I'm taking to keep you, I, and those around us as safe as possible.


I've spent my lockdown, like many others, engrossing myself in trashy tv, the many books I'd previously been neglecting and leaving to collect dust on my bookshelf, and pretentious three-hour-long foreign films. I've also been catching up on the million-and-one life admin tasks I've been avoiding, spending much-needed time with friends, family and my cat (virtually, of course - except for my cat), and indulging my favourite pastime of sleeping for twelve hours a day.

But, as I keep telling anyone who'll listen, I've not received *nearly* enough spankings over the past year, and my quota for intimacy and affection has fallen far short of what I'm used to! I've been itching to get back to what I do best. But, of course, if I'm to give in to my cravings I want to do so as safely as possible - for the sake of myself, those around me, vulnerable members of the community, and of course my lovers.

By the very nature of the experience I provide as a companion, the contact I come into with people is inherently closer and more intimate than most. Of course we both have to be mindful of the very distinct risk that poses. However, I'm focusing on coming into contact with as few people as I can - and a fraction of the people than the average person you'd walk past in the street would in any given day.


First things first: I'm now fully vaccinated! And while this doesn't 100 percent protect me from becoming ill, and the jury's still out on whether or not those who are vaccinated can still transmit the virus, it does make us both safer. 


Second things second: I won't be putting limits on, or reducing, any of the services I offer during our time together - I'd much rather limit the number of bookings I take than the experience I provide within them! Sharing genuine moments of intimacy and affection is one of the reasons I find the work I do to be so valuable and rewarding. That being said, if you'd rather not engage in any higher-risk activities (like kissing), please just let me know prior to our meeting. I want us both to be as comfortable as possible whilst we're together!

I will however be making some small changes to the booking process:  

  • Longer bookings will be treated preferentially so that I'm able to take fewer bookings

  • My rates for outcalls will be increasing very slightly - at a flat rate per session - to cover the cost of cabs so that I can avoid taking public transport. This of course exposes me to fewer people and makes everything safer for us both!

  • I'll - as always - be prioritising bookings from cherished regulars, and all new suitors will be asked for references and a deposit: I don't want to risk being no-showed after venturing out into the scary real world! I have a discreet business account for deposits.

  • If you're feeling ill prior to our booking, I trust you to be honest about that - and I of course will do the same!

  • Deposits, as always, will be non-refundable should you need to cancel within 72 hours of our meeting, but I'm very happy to be more flexible in transferring them to a future date should that cancellation be as a result of COVID

  • If I have to cancel for any reason including COVID-related illness, I will of course be happy to refund any deposits in full, and deposits will be fully refundable or transferrable should the lockdown guidelines become more strict between now and our appointment

The only things that will change about the time we spend together in person are as follows. These measures are for the sake of the health of both of us:

  • suitors will be asked to shower and wash off all remnants of the outside world at the very start of our meeting. If you prefer to host, I'll do the same upon my arrival

  • I'll make sure to greet you with a glass of wine/prosecco/beer/whisky/other once you emerge from the shower to reignite the romantic spirit!

It's worth noting that we, and the encounters we share, aren't 'dirty' (at least not in the negative sense of the word!), and I don't want to treat you as such - all of the steps I'm taking to ensure our safety are based on minimising the unquantifiable risk of the outside world.

You may also, very legitimately, be concerned about my role in keeping you safe, and I'd like to reassure you that I'm taking all steps to limit my exposure, and thus your exposure, as much as possible. This includes making sure my hosting space, including all surfaces and bedding, is completely clean prior to every meeting, and limiting potential exposure outside of work as well as within it. I don't socialise outside of my bubble & am around others as infrequently as possible. Please do ask if you have any specific concerns! 

That's it, folks, but do feel free to drop me an email at if you have any specific questions or concerns about the steps I'm taking to keep us both safe during this time. Our relationship, more than ever, is based on mutual trust and comfort, and I want us both to feel safe during our time together. 



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